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This department encompasses Corporate Governance which is the process by which organizations are directed, controlled and held to account.

Every person who comes to our door is important to us!


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Real Estate and Property law continues to be a vital and necessary part of legal practice in Kenya.

Our Real Estate & Conveyancing Practice advises on and handles all aspects of property transactions. Our transactions range from sales and purchases, mortgages, to the more complex, corporate-related real estate transactions. The focused clientele includes investors (both individual and corporate), developers, construction companies, financial institutions and statutory boards.


• Sale and purchase of all types of property

• Development projects

• Leasing of all types of property

• Mergers and acquisitions/joint ventures involving property

• Mortgages, loan agreements and debentures

• Property management All legislative framework governing urban planning and development in Kenya;

• All policies, plans, integrated development plans, strategies and programmes for Urban Development in Kenya;

• Land use, land sub-division, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including industry, commerce, markets, shopping and other employment centers, residential areas, recreational areas, parks, entertainment, passenger transport, agriculture, and freight etc

• infrastructural development and services within the city or municipality;

• Settlement Schemes advisory and management


The Firm offers legal services and represents Clients’ interests in a range of areas such as:

(a) Arbitration; our arbitration practice seeks to help our Clients solve their disputes in a cost effective manner and in a manner that
protects their relationships with their business partners. We therefore encourage amicable resolution of disputes of whichever nature,
between our Clients and their employees, investors, private entities, and governmental entities;

(b) Commercial Litigation; we represent Clients in all Courts briefs in both prosecution and defending capacities.

(c) Real Property Litigation; we represent Clients in proceedings brought by or against them as real estate project developers and/or owners. In particular, we offer services in preparation of notices to quit or termination of leases, enforcement of obligations to provide
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services by other landlords, proceedings against tenants in breach of agreements, bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings against
debtors, etc

(d) International Law;We advise Clients on International Regulation of Multinational Corporations, International trade controls, global
expansion and sourcing strategies, Customs and border protection laws, bilateral investment protection and treaties, export and import
control regulations, international environmental obligations and cooperation in the form of treaties, agreements and resolutions created
by intergovernmental organizations as well as national laws and regulations as being used to protect the environment, international

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trade law and in particular the World Trade Organization and its legal regime, proceedings before international tribunals and courts, law of the sea regulations and legal regime, etc, as and when circumstances may warrant;

(e) Administrative and Public Law; we represent Clients in matters of judicial review of adverse decisions of public authorities and/or
tribunals, in public inquiries for or against the Clients, or statutory and disciplinary proceedings preferred by or against the Clients.

(f) Debt Recoveries, Bankruptcy and Insolvency; we undertake these at both local and International level: We have established an
experienced and skilled Debt and Insolvency Unit which exclusively deals with debt collection and litigation matters;
(g) Employment; we represent Clients in all types of employment litigation, mediation and dispute resolution
(h) Insurance Litigation and Dispute Resolution: we represent Clients in insurance disputes;
(i) Media Disputes; especially in regard to defamation, and privacy issues
(j) Product Liability; especially where disputes arise on the safety of the Client’s products.
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The ability to take and grant effective security is an essential requirement for financial institutions and corporate borrowers alike as it is a keystone of secured lending.

In this regard, the firm has recently established the Bank Finance and Securities Departments (BFS) that exclusively handle all Financial Services Market matters with the dedicated resources for unmatched service.

This Department coordinates execution of financial service transactions such as commercial banking transactions, investment banking transactions, securities and securitization and representation of banks and non-banks institutions in preparation of various security documents, including legal charges and mortgages, corporate bonds and debentures, chattel mortgages, letters of hypothecation,
deeds of guarantee and indemnity, simple loan agreements, syndicated

loan agreements, perusing security documents for companies borrowing money and preparation of necessary board resolutions, and related stamping and registration formalities.


Family Law

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Family Law

(a) Legislative Drafting
(b) Development of public policy
(c) Legal Compliance and Legal Audit